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Our Story

In year 2022 Navjivan Group became Ninety Nine years old. It is the only Indian Firm, which introduced Ayurvedic Medicines in every continent over half a century ago, and produced effective cures which covered a wide range of human ailments. Navjivan Health Service is a unique enterprise of its own type throughout the country and performed a dynamic role by dint of its pioneering work by not only introducing and popularizing Ayurveda in rest of the World but also by exploring new horizons and hitherto, unknown curative scope of this age old and marvellous indigenous science of medicine, which is India’s Heritage since ancient times. Navjivan Health Service, which is an another wing of Navjivan Group is operating since 1984, diagnosis ailments and administers treatments to the patients through a panel of highly qualified Medical Practitioners. Our role covers a wider spectrum and embraces multifarious activities and functions,  new venues of Ayurvedic Research combined with application of our Therapy on patients of all ages by our competent and experienced Physicians, who administer treatment to sick and ailing sufferers with our Ayurvedic products, along with the application of herbal, mineral and Ayurvedic treatments and health foods and exercises. Ayurveda which is a sublime heritage of India since time of yore has a stupendous potentialities in banishing diseases from earth and creating longevity for mankind. But its many latent facets are still unknown and remained untapped to this day. They are lying unexplored and shrouded to obscurity

The cryptic and hidden aspect of this Great Science which is oceanic in dimensions is being unfolded progressively by Navjivan through its sustained work over the years for the everlasting benefit of humanity. Navjivan has already arrived at a point of break-through in finding cure for the deadly diseases
like ‘CANCER’ which is growing into worldwide epidemic, and is universally known as incurable. In the beginning only few medicines were produced dealing mainly with common diseases of patients. However, with the lapse of time, Maharishi Amarnath who founded Navjivan in 1923 evolved effective formulas through his ceaseless research for almost every known disease.
During the late sixties our production covered a wide spectrum of ailments and we also developed the expertise in preparing special medicines by applying Ayurvedic Therapy on individual basis according to the history of the case and acuteness of the trouble. The production of patent medicines continued side by side, which were marketed in India and abroad. However, greater emphasis was given on treating the patients then mass production In the course of last nine decades, Navjivan Group has achieved many milestones in popularizing Ayurveda in over forty countries of the World and proved Ayurveda’s superiority and excellence over other Medical Sciences and Western Therapies, by curing sufferers of chronic diseases; the Firm not only established high reputation abroad and popularized India’s ancient system of medicine 

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