A Tribute To Our Founder

Whose thoughts and ideals are our foundations and memories our inspiration.

Who never lacked appreciation of earths beauty or failed to express it.

Who was an apostle of illumination, embodiment of benign heart and abounding affection,

Who followed his dreams and pursued excellence in each task

 May we keep alive the memories of his accomplished life with deep respect and reverence. 

And his exemplary vison and aura of his spirit always remain as a guiding angel in

Fulfilling his dreams and goals

Dr. Amaranth Sud born in year 1897, at the age of 26, he had a vision and zeal to heal humanity. 

He realised the efficacy of Indian system of medicine and Ayurveda, when our country was under British rule, 

he popularised Ayurveda in more then forty countries and formulated effective cures with herbs, 

plants and minerals and soon discovered variety of herbs and propounded them into medicinal

 formulas to cure deadly diseases, which are still considered to be incurable.


Dr Amarnath Sud

Dr Amarnath Sud

(1897 - 1973)
  • Founder
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